Our Process

Each item we sell undergoes a rigorous verification process to ensure it accurately matches the descriptions listed on our website. We conduct thorough testing on all used items, ensuring that they meet our stringent quality standards. Unlike other sellers, we do not resell items - we fully test each product in-house.

Transparency and Reliability

We pride ourselves on the transparency and reliability of our specifications. Our spec sheets are meticulously accurate, and we stock all listed products. We guarantee that the details provided on our website are 100% precise, avoiding the common issues faced with other companies that often misrepresent their products.

Quality Control

Every tested item passes through a meticulous quality control process. A Quality Control Technician inspects the item, cross-referencing the details provided by the original technician. Each item is assigned a unique barcode that links to its complete specifications—including any defects—within our tracking database. Our commitment to accuracy in our descriptions is consistently near 100% across the company.

Complete Life Cycle of Testing

A used electronic device is placed on one of our 250+ test benches, where a qualified technician begins the assessment using our specially developed test protocols. After confirming that the device meets our standards, the technician tags it as "Quality Check Ready" and logs all pertinent data into our inventory system.

Our quality control team then verifies every unit marked "Quality Check Ready," ensuring all specifications are accurately recorded in our inventory system. They also check the physical condition and appearance of each unit. Our inventory system keeps track of which technician worked on each unit, the duration of their work, the quality control team member who inspected the unit, and the timestamp of its processing.


We use proven packaging techniques designed to protect items from damage during transit. Our packaging methods have been refined over time to ensure maximum safety and integrity of the products.

Packaging Expertise

Our dedicated packaging department takes great pride in preparing your items for shipment, ensuring that each package is ready to withstand the rigors of transport.

Shipping Preparation

Before shipping, the quality control team verifies the contents of each pallet, and our photography team documents the condition. We utilize appropriate shrink wrap thickness and industrial strapping to ensure that merchandise arrives at its destination safely and in the condition it was prepared.

We arrange desktop computers on Grade A pallets at predetermined heights for safe delivery. Hard drives are stored in individual anti-static bubble bags. Laptops are encased in industrial-grade bubble wrap to prevent any damage.

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