Grading Guide for Refurbished Products

At GW Tech Parts, we take pride in our grading system for refurbished electronics, ensuring transparency and consistency in the quality of our products. Each product is meticulously evaluated and graded based on a comprehensive set of criteria, which helps us maintain high standards and customer satisfaction.

Defects and Corresponding Grades

Our detailed grading system categorizes refurbished electronics based on specific defects. Below are the common defects assigned to each grade, clarifying our meticulous assessment process.

Grade A

  • Screen Issues:
    • Faint Screen Imperfections
    • Screen Scratches Not Visible When On
  • Keyboard Issues:
    • Missing Stylus
    • Missing Trackpoint Cap
  • Housing Issues:
    • Loose Bottom Plate
    • Loose Face Plate
    • Loose Rear Plate
    • Loose Top Plate
    • Missing Camera Slider
    • Loose Hinge Cover
    • Locked Face Plate
    • Missing Screws
    • Permanent Writings On Unit
    • Unit Has Protective Cover
    • Face Plate Has No Access For Optical Drive
    • Requires Non-Standard Power
    • Medium Wear Level
  • Battery Issues:
    • Battery Cosmetic Issue

Grade B

Everything from A Grade and:
  • Screen Issues:
    • Heavy Keyboard Imprints
    • Scratched LCD Panel
  • Keyboard Issues:
    • Missing Keyboard Overlay
    • Stiff Buttons
  • Housing Issues:
    • Asset Tag Issue
    • Case Separation
    • Crack In Plastic
    • Dents
    • Engraved Writings
    • Broken Hinge
    • Loose Hinge
    • Broken Lid Latch
    • Loose Power Supply Socket
    • Missing Access Panel
    • Missing Bottom Plate
    • Missing Face Plate
    • Missing HDD Cage Mount
    • Missing Hinge Cover
    • Missing Latch
    • Missing LCD Screw Cover
    • Missing Logo
    • Missing Optical Drive Faceplate
    • Missing Rear Plate
    • Missing Side Panel
    • Missing Top Plate
    • Missing Webcam Cover
    • Missing Webcam Lens
    • Palm Rest Cracks
    • Partially Broken Latch
    • Physical Warping
    • Rubber Trim Issue
    • Case Damage
  • Connector or Button Issues:
    • Loose Power Button
    • Bad Headphone Jack
    • Missing DC Jack Casing Yet Functional
  • Internal Hardware Issues:
    • Missing Expansion Slot Clamp
    • Eject Button Issue
    • Power Button Issue

Grade C

Everything from A and B Grade and:
  • Screen Issues:
    • Touchscreen Malfunction
  • Keyboard Issues:
    • Missing Keyboard
    • Missing Key (up to 2)
    • Damaged Trackpad
    • Bad Keyboard
    • Missing Trackpad
    • Bad Trackpad Button
    • Missing Trackpad Button
  • Housing Issues:
    • Missing Corner Cover
    • Missing Wifi Cover
    • Missing RAM Cover
    • Missing HDD Panel
    • Missing LCD Bezel
    • Missing Palm Rest
    • Broken Battery Latch
  • Connector or Button Issues:
    • Loose DC Jack
    • Missing Power Button
    • Bad Power Button
    • Bad Bluetooth Button
    • Bad Volume Button
    • Bad Wifi Button
    • Bad USB Port
    • Missing Volume Button
    • Missing Wifi Button
    • Missing Bluetooth Button
    • Missing Bluetooth Cover
    • Bad Usb Port
    • Damaged Ethernet Port
    • Damaged HDMI Port
  • Internal Hardware Issues:
    • Bad Optical Drive
    • Fan Issue
    • Missing Optical Drive Caddy
    • Missing HDD Adapter
    • Missing HDD Caddy
    • Bad Ram Slot

Grade D

Everything from A, B and C Grade and:
  • Screen Issues:
    • Missing LCD Assembly
    • Missing LCD Panel
    • Dead Pixels (over 3)
    • Pressure Points
    • Faulty Screen Backlight
    • Screen Discoloration
    • Screen Doesn't Display
    • Screen Flickers
    • Screen Lines
    • Screen Shattered

For every palletized LOT of products, detailed information is provided, including a full list of items within the lot and the specific defects associated with each product. This transparency ensures you can make an informed decision tailored to your needs.

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